Fiesta River Parade 2016















Viva Fiesta!!!

On Monday April 18, 2016 Beicker Consultants, LLC hosted our client appreciation Fiesta Party.  We truly enjoy our clients and want to show our gratefulness through this fun event.  Food, drinks and fun started at the office at 5:00.  We enjoy dinner, margaritas, photo booth fun, balloons and great conversation.  At 7:00 charter buses pick us up and take us downtown to enjoy the Texas Cavaliers River Parade.

This year started off with rain for days!  The morning of the parade was beautiful and sunny.  We had everything set up and ready to go outside.  Right at 5:00 the rain came…  Thanks to our amazing employees, the food, tables, and decorations were quickly brought inside.  The rain may have tried to dampen our fun, but we wouldn’t let it!  The party still continued on.  Great times were had by all.

Fun is always happening in the Photo Booth!  Here are just a couple of the crazy fun times…




The parade downtown was spectacular, as normal.  The weather was perfect.  No rain and a nice breeze.

Thank you to our amazing clients and friends!  We could not do what we do without you.  We love hosting the Fiesta River Parade Party and spending time, away from work, with all of you and your families.  This is an event we look forward to all year long.

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More about the Texas Cavaliers River Parade:  Festive music fills the air and vibrant floats pass by as thousands watch from the banks of the San Antonio River.  This one-of-a-kind parade started in 1941 after a group of Texas Cavaliers witnessed boats and barges decorated with flowers in the “floating gardens” of Mexico City.  This coincided with the San Antonio River bend restoration, and the Texas Cavaliers decided to bring this unique experience to our city.  Seventy years later, the Texas Cavaliers still decorate the San Antonio River with the bold colors of Fiesta. The Texas Cavaliers River Parade has found its way into the hearts of over 250,000 spectators each year, and all money raised supports local children’s charities through the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation.


Thanks for the good times!

Beicker Consultants, LLC